Wyatt is an active little boy. He loves to do the usual things little children enjoy, like climbing, giving hugs and going to the park with his two siblings and the family dog. For Wyatt however, these “usual” things didn’t always seem possible. Because of continuous care and support, Wyatt is able to enjoy a happy childhood, but it has not always been an easy road.

Medically, Wyatt is unique. From birth, Wyatt has been unable to open his mouth and has needed specialized care that only CHEO can provide. In fact, Wyatt lived at CHEO for the first three months of his life. His first days were measured in CT scans, MRIs, and feeding tubes while his medical team worked hard to find a diagnosis. As you can imagine, it was a difficult time for Wyatt, his mom Amy and his dad Andrew.

Wyatt’s disorder is called brainstem dysgenesis, which essentially means he can’t open his mouth or swallow and has difficulty speaking clearly. He has been re-admitted to CHEO over 40 times due to complications from his condition.

Developmental milestones are different for Wyatt, but it’s not hard to see that he is coming along, thanks to the support of his family and the specialized care of his team at CHEO. Wyatt is a happy little boy, his smile is not obvious to those who don’t know him, but once they can recognize his unique smile, it’s infectious! Wyatt is moving at his own pace and as he grows he will have the love of his family at home and his second family at CHEO.

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